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I have been struggling these years to get a reliable video messenger to speak with my friends and families in India. I have been successful in intial days to get Skype working but due to low bandwidth on the other side, I used to get dropped calls or poor voice reception etc…. I tried other messengers but never get satisfied with the call quality and video image quality. Any way I am not cribbing too much as these are FREE and at least I am grateful for these companies who provided technology to use it for free.

Recently I found a superb video messenger which ooooooved or woooooed me after using it. The name of the video web messenger os oovoo( Use it and you will be astonished by the picture and voice quality. It gives a different perspective of the images and you can conference in upto 6 memebrs for free.

oovoo messenger
oovoo messenger

Try this messenger and you will never regret of desserting either yahoo or google or msn or …. for this


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