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I am always fascinated to see the growth in Internet technologies  and the one especially interests me is the tremendous influence of the browser technologies in recent times to come with new techniques for viewing the content.


Take a look at the new browser http://www.spacetime.com/ which has a new browsing technique called 3D browsing which is really cool.

The other one that interests me of most is 3B browser http://3b.net/browser/newhome.html. Its really cool and check it out the way the browser technologies help in real world shopping experience – http://3b.net/guide/T-shopping.html.


check out this site : – http://www.piclens.com/site/ie/ for cool 3D browsing of your favourite video site youtube.

I am seeing the death of the “Hyperlink” technologies and the browsing of the web based on “context or point of interest(POI)”  with more and more 3D browsing technologies browsers coming on our way.


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