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As and when I am realizing the facts of life, I am realizing some one sitting from some where is controlling our/my lives/life  based on our good and bad deeds. I started realizing this myself as and when my age is ticking year by year or my mind has grown  to a stage where I can understand what exactly I mean by that without even expressing the definition of “How do you define a GOD?” or “Is really GOD exists?”.

As everybody has their favourite god or the god based on religion or beleief, I do believe in “SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY or  RAGHAVENDRA RAYARU” in my life as I have experienced real facts(Whether you call it as a MIRACLE or things happened in my dream) and continued to experience that in my daily life. I can write a brief incident in some other time on this describing my experience  but my main goal of this writing is to tell you the web URL’s of the guru raghavendra swamy where you can listen to devotional music, download screen savers and pictures of your favourite god and get to know about more on the “SRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMY”  by following and reading the related topics given in the site



quick links of interest: –

Guru Raghavendra Sloka  by Appanacharya : –http://www.gururaghavendra1.org/music/rayarsloka.ram

 Guru Raghavendra Ashtotara by Appanacharya :-http://www.gururaghavendra1.org/music/rayarasht.ram

Guru Raghavendra Mangalasthaka by Appanacharya :-http://www.gururaghavendra1.org/music/rayarmangal.ram

Guru Raghavendra Kavacham by Appanacharya :-http://www.gururaghavendra1.org/music/rayarkavach.ram

Guru Raghavendra Ghadyam:-


Guru Raghavendra Dhyana Slokam:-


PrathaSankalpa Gadhayam – To be recited in the Morning, written by Guru Raghavendra:-


Kannada Devotional Song on Guru Raghavendra (Mantralaya Gurugalu……):-


Kannada Devotional Song on Guru Raghavendra (Bharo Guru Raghavendra……):-


here is my favourite devotinal song (Baro guru raghendra barayya baa baro guru raghvendra): –





You need to get registered and then logon tpo the portal to browse your favourite topics. You can even send a blessing to your friends/relatives using the egreetings facility.

Please pass this onto your many friends and relatives to take a look into the site and spread the word about the god you believe in.

Hope everybody will have some time in thier daily lives to take some time out and spend some time on thinking about god and chanting the mantras to get peace of mind and get blessed each day by god in all the work you do.




    anantha moorthy said:
    July 10, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    Belive god raghavendra success will follows…

      venkymr responded:
      August 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm

      Thank you Anantha Moorthy. Raghavendra Rayara Krupe irali

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