Potato chips and my recommendation

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Just thought of writing about my habit of finding the best brands of potato chips in USA. I have tasted lot of potato chips from many different companies. None will come closer to the taste of my favourite brand “Poore Brothers” and “Boulder Chips” from the west USA. I moved out from west to east USA and craving to get the one ordered on-line to have my original brand back home here. I finally found one. You may want to try that also. The favourite among them are “poore brothers jalapeno” and “boulder sea salt and pepper”. You can try different ones too and leave your comments so that I can get it ordered in my next shipment.


Nzoy the western taste of potato chip and please let me know about other famous local chips from local brands or from famous chip makers


link to get more info on the chips: – http://www.inventuregroup.net/Poore-Brothers.asp 

to get order from the web to your home:-http://www.greatgoodiesandgifts.com/mall/greatgoodiesproducts.asp?manuf=06&units=each


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